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bikepacking challenge...

Cycling 7 epic biketrips across each continent within a period of 10 years, that's the challenge.
These biketravel trips are between 5.000 and 10.000 km and can be done on & off-road tracks.
The main goal is to cross each continent.
  Click the maptext below for road descriptions


Why ? Tell me why ...


Trips like these offer the cyclist an opportunity to explore the world and encounter nature. The journey will combine a physical outdoor challenge with the chance to explore different cultures, visit historic sites, sample exotic cuisines and interact with people from around the globe.


The ultimate slow travel challenge widens your horizon and alter your personality. You are to leave your comfortzone, encounter boundaries and mental barriers. Traveling is all about finding your own way, interests and priorities.
Follow your heart & instinct.


As routine slips into our daily life full of materialistic needs, one forgets you're at stake. This challenge combines excitement and wondering, it makes curious and anxious, there's a constant tension between the fear of the unknown and the reward of overcoming it.


360°cycle is a big project, going all-the way will be most rewarding. With slow bike travel one interacts with the surroundings, one enlarges his perspectives, enjoys the beauty of the scenery, lives for the moment and collects memories ... not materials.

To be found on a             trip ...


In each place you are a blank canvas, a fresh start with no history or future, just a present tense and a bike, cycling stimulates your senses


To have your worldly goods on the bike, there is little mental baggage on the bike which makes life back to basics (food, sleep, shelter).


Never knowing what is around the corner, be vivid, you are every conscious and aware, you are fit, you have a hard time (bad sleeping, dull food, cold/hot, tired/anxious, … ) but you know these are the times of your life


Cycling makes you accessible to others, you form friendships with extraordinary people with proper ideas, have conversations knowing when its finished it really is gone, life is saying goodbye to moments

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