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Inspiring people

Home is the intimate story of British Sarah Outen, who travelled more than 50,000 km on human power between 2011 and 2015 for her expedition London2London: Via the world. By bike, kayak and rowboat, the adventurer travelled through Europe, Asia, across the Pacific, through North America and finally across the Atlantic back to..... herself.

Sarah's incredible 4.5-year odyssey - migrating between cultures, climates and landscapes on her own - was followed by thousands, hooked by her infectious humour and love of life. But travelling alone also took its toll, and the violent storm on the Pacific brought Sarah to the physical and mental edge. Composed of hundreds of hours of footage, the film intimately captures Sarah's journey: the brutality of the elements, the ticking clock, the months of loneliness, the near-death experiences, the demons of her emotional trauma and PTSD, and her discovery of love for a farmer named Lucy. Home is a story of heart and soul, of struggle and joy, and of one woman's journey to emotional acceptance.

The film won nine international awards. Available to rent Te huur op Vimeo. Running time 1:31.

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