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July - December
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile

Silk Road

Cartagena to Ushuaia

  13,525 km  >  128 riding days  >  38 rest days  

Cycling South America from tip to tip, starting in Cartagena on the shores of the Caribbean, up and down the Andes, exploring the Atacama Desert, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu while visiting some of the grand cities like Bogota, Quito, Lima, La Paz, Santiago, cycling down the famed Chilean Patagonia and finishing in Ushuaia on the shore of Drake passage.


Cartagena - July 9
Bogota - Jul 26
Quito - August 12
Lima - September 7
Cusco - September 24
La Paz - October 4
Salta - October 19
Santiago - November 7
Puerto Montt -  Nov  23





13 days
14 days
20 days
12 days
7 days
12 days
3 days
13 days
23 days



Bogota - July 23
Quito - August 10
Lima - September 4
Cusco - September 20
La Paz - October 1
Salta - October 16
Santiago - Nov 4
Puerto Montt - Nov 21
Ushuaia Dec 21






18 days
11 days
14 days
11 days
6 days
8 days
10 days

14 days

Anker 1

The Undiscovered Country

start - Cartagena Jul 9

end - Bogota Jul 23

1.335 km - Colombia
13 riding days - 2 rest days

For many years the beautiful country of Colombia was avoided by travellers as it suffered through civil war. Times have changed for the better and we are excited to start the South American Epic Bicycle Expedition in this magical land. Mountains, jungles, waterfalls, coffee, beaches and thriving cities are just a few of this country’s gifts.

This 1,300 km cycling adventure begins in the stunning colonial jewel of Cartagena whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We bike down the coast, stopping for cervezas in Tolu’s seaside bars. Turning inland, we’ll then cross cattle pastures and rushing rivers before beginning to climb up into the stunning Sierra de San Lucas Mountains. Following little known backroads we emerge at 1500m above sea level in the city of Medellin, where the cyclists will enjoy a well-deserved rest day.

From Medellin, we spin east and spend a night at Guatape, next to a man-made reservoir, before speeding downhill and across the impressive Rio Magdalena, which drains about 1/4 of Colombia’s area. Then it is a challenging climb up into the Cordillera Oriental, including one 2000m ascent over 50kms. Then the SA Epic riders will have the opportunity to join local Bogota cyclists as they enjoy their weekly Ciclovia, with many of the city’s streets closed to motor traffic, a fitting end to this exciting and rewarding section.

Anker 2

Coffee & Cocoa

start - Bogota Jul 26

end - Quito August 10

1.205 km - Colombia, Ecuador
14 riding days - 2 rest days


After an enjoyable 2 rest days in Colombia’s capital, exploring its historic centre – La Candelaria – or indulging in a steaming mug of canelazo, our riders will begin a massive descent (almost 5000m in 2 days) into the Magdalena River valley. The next night will be spent gazing at millions of stars from the Desierto de la Tatacoa. Then we will climb up into the Cordillera Central where, after 2 challenging days of elevation gain, we can relax on a rest day in Parque Arquelogico San Augustin. Here riders can enjoy the 500 life-sized statues left by the little known ancient peoples or go whitewater rafting in the nearby Rio Magdalena.

Five more tough but beautiful days of cycling brings us to Ipiales, the border crossing into Ecuador and the home of the Santuario de Las Lajas, a spectacular neo-Gothic church and the destination for pilgrims in search of a miracle. Then it is another ascent to almost 4000m before we drop down into Ibbara for a refreshing Helados de paila, a local hand-made sorbet. Thence we cross the Equator and spin into the Ecuadorian capital of Quito, which marks the end of this section.

Anker 3

Volcano Alley

start - Quito August  12

end - Lima September 4

2.125 km - Ecuador, Peru
20 riding days - 4 rest days


Quito, at 2800m, the highest capital city in the world, is the jumping-off point for one of the longest and most dramatic sections on the South American Epic – Volcano Alley. If your section begins here, make sure to arrive a few days early to get used to the altitude and enjoy the local nightlife.

Leaving the city we head east, with views of the Antisana, Surnaco and, if we are lucky, Cotopaxi volcanoes. We nudge past 4000m before dropping 3500m in the next 200kms as we skirt the edge of the Amazon basin, ending up in the southern city of Loja for a rest day and perhaps a glimpse of its famous fiesta of the Virgen del Cisne.

Two days later we cross into Peru, the third country on the South American Epic. Here the riders will spin along the eastern edge of the Desierto de Sechura before spending a rest day on the Pacific coast in the beach town of Pascamayo, one of the continents best surfing spots. From there it is a spectacular climb up into the Cordillera Blanca where the cyclists can enjoy the atmosphere of Huarez and visit Huascarán National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site. Three days later and about 3000m lower, the riders will enter the Peruvian capital of Lima and complete this section.

Anker 4

Gringo Trail

start - Lima September 7

end - Cusco September 20

1.125 km - Peru
12 riding days - 2 rest days


Heading south of Lima with the Pacific Ocean as their companion, the South American Epic cyclists will spin into Paracas where they may get to see the local sea lions and seals, indulge in ceviche or take a dune buggy ride. A couple days later the riders will roll into Nazca for a rest day spent flying over the incredible Nazca Lines.

Hopefully Nazca will invigorate the riders whose endurance will now be tested as they pedal upwards for 7 straight days, climbing over 12,000m in total into the towering Andes mountains and spending about 200kms at over 4000m. The nights will be cool so be sure to purchase an alpaca sweater and hat if you have not brought enough warm clothes. Finally, the welcoming lights of Cusco will appear in the distance where the riders will have 3 rest days to enjoy the city’s charms and, of course, the world-famous icon of Inca civilization, Machu Picchu.

Anker 5

Incan Highland

start - Cusco October 24

end - La Paz November 1

715 km - Peru, Bolivia
7 riding days - 1 rest days


After 3 days exploring Machu Picchu and the other sights in and around historical Cusco, the cyclists will set off for 3 beautiful days cycling the Andean altiplano en route to Puno, where a rest day and the chance to explore Lake Titicaca and its renowned floating islands await. After a few more days riding along the world’s highest navigable lake, we will cross into Bolivia and arrive in its high altitude capital of La Paz, which marks the end of the tour’s shortest section.

Anker 6

Salt Flats

start - La Paz October 4

end - Salta October 16

1.350 km - Bolivia
12 riding days - 1 rest days


As with Quito, Ecuador, La Paz, Bolivia is situated at a very high altitude – some parts of the city are at over 4100m above sea level – so if your section begins here, please arrive a few days before your section begins in order to acclimatize.

A few days after pedalling out of La Paz, our intrepid riders will have the unique opportunity of cycling and camping on the other-worldly, Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Keep an eye out for pink flamingos!

A rest day in Uyuni will give the cyclists further opportunity to explore the Salar if they wish or the unique train cemetery, before turning their wheels south for a 6 day trek into Northern Argentina and the end of the section at Salta, a sophisticated town blessed with some of the country’s best preserved colonial architecture.

Anker 7

Across the Andes

start - Salta  October 19

end - Santiago November 4

1.555 km - Bolivia, Chile
14 riding days - 3 rest days


The riders will certainly enjoy the 2 day ride from Salta to the next rest day in Cafayate along historic route #68 through the Valles Calchaquies. They will also relish the fact that the area around Cafayate is renown for its wine, especially the delicious Argentinian cultivar – Torrontes.

From there we’ll continue to follow Ruta 40 before switching to Ruta 76 as we head south through Talampaya National Park, a UNESCO heritage site, which contains the most complete continental fossil record known from the Triassic Period. Onward, the riders will pedal their way south across north western Argentina heading for another rest day in San Juan before turning to the west. Through little-visited areas the riders will have some shorter climbs to help prepare them for the mountains they will face in a few days. After a rest day in Uspollata riders will test out their climbing legs as we head up over the Andes, following Ruta 7 and the Rio Mendoza, and into Chile, the next country on this epic adventure.

The climb up to the border will take the groups up to around 4000m before descending onto Ruta 60, which winds its way down the mountain via a series of switchbacks. After a night in Los Andes the riders are now a mere day’s ride from arriving in the metropolis of Santiago where they can explore its 19th century neo-classical architecture and winding side streets, dotted with art deco, neo-gothic and other styles.

Anker 8

Lake District

start - Santiago  November 7

end - Puerto Montt November  21

1.505 km - Chile
13 riding days - 3 rest days


Leaving the metropolis of Santiago, the riders will spin into the Colchagua valley wine growing region, alongside the Rio Mantequito, and then down Chile’s rugged Pacific Coast, no doubt stopping to sample the fine wine and delicious seafood. After a rest day in Concepcion they’ll head back inland over rolling hills bound for the spectacular Lake District – an area featuring dozens of lakes, snow capped volcanoes, rushing rivers and tranquil forests. Time off in Villarica will afford the opportunity to shop for local handicrafts, visit the tourist destination of Pucon or even mountain bike down foreboding Volcan Villarica. Then its past more of Los Lagos and on to the harbor city of Puerto Montt, which marks the end of this section, and the gateway to fabled Patagonia.

Anker 9

Carretarra Austral

start - Santiago  November  23

end - Ushuaia December  21

2.475 km - Chile
23 riding days - 6 rest days


The outdoor sports centre and seafood mecca of Puerto Montt is the starting point for the trans-Patagonian and mythic Carretera Austral. Our intrepid riders will now tackle one of the world’s ultimate cycling routes, taking 5 ferries, spinning past icy cold rivers, enormous glaciers, impenetrable forests, and isolated farms. En route they will revel in rest days well spent in the Aysen provincial hub of Coyhaique, the trekking capital of El Chalten, amazing Torres del Paine National Park, and the southern Chilean port of Punta Arenas, astride the Magellan Strait. After a ferry ride across to the island of Tierra del Fuego it is just 7 days and a final border crossing back into Argentina before the cyclists reach their ultimate goal, the world’s most southernmost city, Ushuaia, perched on the tip of South America and overlooking the Beagle Channel.

Here we will look back on this incredible journey and all its trials and tribulations with wonder and awe as we celebrate its completion together, knowing that in a few short days it will be back to the reality of our more mundane, but now much enriched, lives.

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