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Bikepacking in the Alps

Bijgewerkt op: 6 nov. 2021

Summer invites you to cycle and those who love nature must want to make an effort. Bikepacking combines both. Cycling from Venice, the pearl of the Adriatic coast, to Zomergem will be a nice challenge. In 14 days time, 1,335 km, 25,239 metres altitude and about 12 cols have to be conquered. Of course you don't want to carry too much ... My Avaghon X-20 is a solid steel trekking bike of 15 kg with Rockshox suspension, and is a bit heavier but suitable to handle the GR trails through the Alps.

The luggage consists of:

A frame bag 2.1 kg which holds the kitchen equipment - Trianga cooker with pot and lid, lighter, cutlery. To get the bike engine around, there must be food - trail mix, honey, energy bars & gels. An emergency ration is also provided - freeze dried food, soup and milk powder. After a day of bike slogging, there may be some washing to do. This bathroom kit will do the trick - comb, toothbrush/paste, lip balm, shampoo, sunscreen, razor, comb, wet wipes, and chamois ointment. Some small items such as pull straps, 350ml fuel and tent poles are also hidden away. Not to forget the first aid kit - pliers, immodium, ibuprofen, bandage, plasters, disinfection, micropur and survival blanket and some electronics material such as USB cables, GPS map 64, smartphone, powerbank Top Peak, km counter, AA USB battery charger.

Under the handlebar a support is mounted on which the waterproof Ortlieb frontroll bag - 13 l contains all sleeping equipment 3.0 kg - sleeping mat, bivvy bag, summer sleeping bag, liner and down jacket.

Under the saddle is the Apidura saddle bag 2.3 kg bent. This holds my entire wardrobe - 2 x racing jersey, trousers and socks, leg & arm warmers, gloves, buff scarf, mackintosh and leisurewear - shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Via a Woohoo saddle stabilizer, 2 drinking cans of 900 ml are attached. In addition to the drinking bottle at the bottom of the frame and the spare Platypus 3 l in the backpack, I will be able to absorb sufficient fluids this way.

Under the saddle bag there is a bag with technical equipment 0.6 kg - cable with lock, bicycle repair kit, dry lube, multitool, pocket knife, velcro and pull straps.

In my backpack I put away all the food I bought on the spot. This way, this slow travel adventure will still be a heavy duty tour of just over 100 kg - I weigh 78 kg myself - that will take me through the mountains.

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