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      Explore ... and make dreams come true

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Great things don't happen in your comfort zone

Since childhood, I was looking for a  match in sports & outdoor activities. After acquainting with judo, swimming and tennis, ...   windsurfing   changed my life in 1992.
Just like the free-spirited Arnaud de Rosnay and Jacques Mayol, water felt like 2nd nature and adrenaline rushed when the wind was pumping.

12 years later, I got excited about
  kitesurf   Exploring planets best kiteboarding spots
is all about  
enjoying   nature.

Nature's beauty and its exploration are calling. After  
climbing   and   bikepacking   experiences,   paragliding   became an new experience of free flying like a bird.

This site shows some of my past  
experiences   and    future dreams   Browse it to find more  outdoor inspiration   or just download the free bucketlist.
Have a look at my custom designs in the 
shop  and you will be supporting one of my next adventures. 

Stay tuned in and keep on improving body & mind, live the moment.
Let's meet s
oon on LAND, in the AIR or on the WATER

Enjoy the ride !


Be the change you wanna see ...

Every moment is the result of emotions, dreams, deceptions and experiences that made you stronger or weaker. You are responsible for handling your life. So fight your fears, develop and challenge yourself. Think positive, bring up solutions & conquer frontiers.


Anker 2

     Nature's beauty is a promise of happiness,
     go out and explore it ...

You will encounter happiness at home, being close to nature, whilst sporting or traveling, when catching up with people or just creating nice things. Keep on discovering and wondering.
These blissful moments will make you happy.



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      Challenge yourself but find balance ...

Life starts when leaving your comfort zone. Experience the world with all your senses. 
Do it, it's still possible. Perseverance is a good way to succeed, it makes you fly.
Life is about finding your way, your interests and priorities. Keep following your instinct.


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      Connect with the world ...

Encounter people in their habitat and look for the common link ...
connection enriches your life: you encounter new horizons and it creates paradigm-shifts.
Link to the world will open your heart and mind.

Get in contact with Christophe

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For questions and challenging proposals,
fill in the contact form

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Bedankt! Bericht verzonden.

      People with a mission ...

Just like anybody else, people love to give meaning to their lives.
Depending on your talents, region, motivation, social environment and interests,
you look for a focus.
Your subject of full attention overwhelms you and creates energy instead of taking it. 
Check some meaningfull video stories of people with a mission.

People with a mission

People with a mission

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