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CARVE the elements

alpʌɪn skiːɪŋ is the sport of sliding down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings also commonly known as downhill skiing.

Frozen water

As a wintersports enthusiast I find happiness in mastering this unnatural way of descending.
Meanwhile, I enjoy the majestic natural beauty, the unpredictable weather conditions and the sound of crisp frozen water.

Whether I slide down the mountain on a pair of skis, a snowboard, a sled or on my backside,
it is defenitely not the most natural way of moving forward.

Carving is all you want!

Churwalden x 3

La Bresse

Les Arcs
la Plagne

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Muhlbach am Hochkönig

La Bresse

Val d'Isère

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SWITSERLAND I 1979 > 1992

Virginlike snowslopes, clearblue skies and **** star accomodation, that's what Switserland is known for. A bit expensive but definitely worth exploring

Choose your ski resort

Davos - Lenzerheide - Churwalden - Klosters - Leysin

FRANCE I 1997 > 2016

Exquisite prepared snow terrains for beginner or advanced snow addict. That's what the French Alps can offer next to the off-piste ski experiences.

La Plagne - Chamonix - Les Menuires - Les Arcs

AUSTRIA I 1985 > 2012

Muhlbach-Am-Hochkönig was the first step in my ski career. The intimate Austrian little villages hidden between steep mountain slopes offer a perfect hide-away for the snow and ski fanatic

Mulhbach - Sölden - Ischl

Snow is only frozen water.


get spirited

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a lift pass

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